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Who We Help – Kansas

Each Patient

Sedation dentistry can help patients of all ages who are dealing with a wide variety of barriers that keep them from feeling comfortable in the dentist’s office. Our team at Kansas Center for Sedation Dentistry wants to make keeping up with the health of your smile and your overall wellness easier and stress-free by offering several different sedation methods. Below, you can find a non-exhaustive list of the types of patients that can benefit from our services.

Anxious & Nervous Patients

Patients can feel nervous or anxious about visiting the dentist’s office for a variety of reasons, including bad past experiences or a fear of receiving a diagnosis that they weren’t expecting. Fortunately, dental sedation like nitrous oxide can be administered in-office to help those emotional responses fade to the background, making appointments more enjoyable and relaxing. The best part is, this sedation method has effects that wear-off quickly, allowing patients to return to their daily routine right after their appointments.

Special Needs Patients

For patients who have special needs, including those with neuromuscular conditions or intellectual or physical disabilities, we can make visiting the dentist a more comfortable and accommodating experience. Overstimulation and discomfort can make routine checkups and cleanings and other dental treatments something that patients try to avoid at all costs. Our goal is to make the dental office a place that our special needs patients look forward to visiting!

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Patients with Severe Dental Phobia

Patients who have a deeply seeded fear of the dentist’s office, also known as dental phobia, are among those who are most affected by preventable and treatable oral health problems. In many cases, this intense fearful response can keep patients from seeking out any type of routine oral health maintenance from dentists, which can have a serious impact on their oral and overall health. We offer both oral conscious and IV sedation to make seeking the care our patients need comfortable and non-traumatic.

Patients with Sensitive Gag Reflexes

Having a sensitive gag reflex can make any dental service, from checkups and cleanings to getting a dental crown, incredibly uncomfortable and difficult. With sedation like nitrous oxide, our team can help minimize this reflex and conduct dental cleanings and other procedures faster, helping patients get in and out of the treatment chair without having to take countless intermittent pauses to accommodate a sensitive gag reflex.

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