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Special Needs Dentistry – Lawrence, KS

Compassionate & Gentle Dentistry for Special Smiles

At Kansas Center for Sedation Dentistry, we go above and beyond to serve patients who typically have a difficult time getting the oral healthcare they need. We are happy to offer special needs dentistry in Lawrence for our patients with neuromuscular conditions or intellectual or physical disabilities to help make dental appointments more accommodating, comfortable, and even pleasant! Our team of highly experienced dentists are compassionate and take the time to get to know each of our patients in order to deliver personalized, compassionate, and gentle dentistry for special smiles. To learn more or schedule your next appointment, give our office a call.

Special Needs Present Unique Oral Health Challenges

As a patient with special needs or a loved one of a patient with special needs, it can be easy to let oral healthcare slide while juggling multiple priorities and responsibilities. However, it’s important to remember that patients with intellectual, physical, or neuromuscular disabilities are more likely to experience dental problems. They may have malformed or missing teeth, significant delays in tooth eruption, and poor alignment. Other issues like dental anxiety, teeth grinding, cavities, and gum disease are also very common among patients with special needs. Our team focuses on preventive care to address oral health problems while they are still small and easy to treat. We provide dental checkups, cleanings, treatments, and hygiene tips that are specialized for our patients with special needs.

How Do We Help Our Patients with Special Needs Feel Comfortable?

Each of our dentists have advanced training and a true passion for making dental care relaxing and comfortable. As a sedation center, we specialize in helping patients who face all manner of challenges when visiting the dentist, from dental phobia, sensitive gag reflexes, physical and intellectual disabilities, and many more. Our friendly and understanding team never rushes our patients, but instead takes a gentle, step-by-step approach to each appointment, ensuring that you are comfortable the entire time.

All of our doctors are specially trained in sedation dentistry, and offer nitrous oxide sedation, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation. These safe and reliable methods can be customized to fit each unique need of our patients, including both children and adults. Beforehand, we thoroughly review our patient’s medical history and current health to determine which option would be the safest and most effective. Then, during treatment, they are carefully monitored by our caring and attentive staff, who can adjust the sedation as needed.

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Dental Tips for Our Patients with Special Needs

To make caring for their oral health at home easier, we will be happy to offer personalized dental tips and guidance for our patients with intellectual or physical disabilities. This could include tips like:

  • Make brushing and flossing part of their daily routine and a regular habit.
  • Use specialized, easy-to-handle toothbrushes and flossers to make oral hygiene easier.
  • If you are assisting your loved one with their oral hygiene, use gentle and slow movements.
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water, as this helps keep the mouth healthy.
  • Visit us for routine checkups to feel more familiar with our office and team.

Special Needs Dentistry FAQs

As the caretaker of a person with special needs, you want to make sure that when you take them to the dentist, it’s the right fit immediately. Because of this, you probably have a lot of questions, and we’re more than happy to answer them. Read on below to get immediate answers to popular questions we receive from people just like you, and if there is anything else you would like to ask, just give us a call.

Does sedation dentistry make someone unconscious?

In most cases, no, sedation dentistry does not cause someone to sleep throughout a procedure. Rather it calms them and prevents any sensations of discomfort. This allows the dentist to work more efficiently while ensuring the patient remains comfortable. Some might nod off, but they can typically be awoken very easily. It’s basically designed to make those pesky nerves disappear!

Which procedures can be performed using sedation dentistry?

Pretty much any dental procedure you can imagine can be performed with sedation, including routine treatments like checkups and cleanings as well as more complex ones like extractions. When discussing which type of sedation would be right for a patient, the nature of the treatment they are receiving will be a big factor. For example, nitrous oxide might be perfect for a dental cleaning, while someone who needs a root canal may benefit from a more potent method like IV sedation.

Is sedation dentistry safe for people with special needs?

Yes! Sedation dentistry is extremely safe, especially at our practice where the dentists and team all have extensive qualifications and experience providing it. Before we use sedation on a patient, we will consult with their caretaker to evaluate their health and dental history. This way, we can be mindful of any medications or other factors so we can easily avoid possible complications.

What kind of special accommodations can you make for patients with special needs?

Our team is more than happy to change how we do things to suit a patient and ensure they feel right at home here. We can dim the lighting for those with sensory issues, make sure our office is free of any offensive sounds or smells, move around the equipment to accommodate a wheelchair or walker, and even make sure no other patients are in the office when someone comes into their appointment. Just give us a call and tell us about your special person, and we can discuss how to guarantee that their visit is a pleasant and productive one.

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